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Blindspot Mirrors

Posted by Will Robins on 10/26/2013 to Latest Blog

Set Blindspot Mirrors in BGE Settings to Eliminate the Blindspots

You have to merge into traffic or change the lanes several times while driving your car or any other vehicle on road. These frequently changing settings can make the situation dangerous because of the vehicles in the blind spot of your vehicle. As per the records of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration more than 600,000 accidents occur on roads every year causing a number of fatalities during merger to the traffic or change of lanes. Most of these clashes occur due to carelessness while merging into traffic or changing the lanes. Effective use of Blind spot mirrors can help in avoiding these clashes as the driver will be able to spot the vehicles at the blind spots of his vehicle.

You, as a driver, should know about blind spots before using blind spot mirrors to eliminate blindspots of your vehicle. If you are not able to spot a vehicle behind your vehicle either through inside mirror or side mirror or your peripheral view then it is said to be in the blindspot. Mostly drivers adjust their side mirrors in such a manner that they can hardly see the side of their car in it. In this manner they reduce their blind spot by using rearview mirrors alongwith side mirrors but still they have to be careful about the hiding vehicles in the blindspots.

George Platzer, a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers had developed and introduced a setting for blind spot mirrors, popularly known as BGE or Blindspot and Glare Elimination setting, to avoid the havocs caused due to non-visibility of vehicles in blindspots. You can eliminate four small blind zones or two large blindspots with the help of BGE settings suggested by Platzer. You can easily identify the car in the blindspot by reducing the view of four mini blind zones or two large blind spots. 

Advantages of adjusting blind spot mirrors in BGE settings

You need not have to turn your head again and again to look into the blindspots while merging into the traffic or changing the lanes. You can easily change the lane of merge into the traffic only by using inside mirror and side mirrors. Adjusting the blind spot mirrors in BGE setting allows you to keep your peripheral view in front of you. You can use the inside and side mirrors to view into blind zones while changing the lane or merging into traffic keeping the front peripheral view intact. BGE setting also helps you in eliminating glare from side mirrors to save your eyes from the directly entering glares of the headlights of the trailing vehicle.

How to set your blind spot mirrors in BGE settings

You should adjust the driverís side mirror while keeping your head against driverís side window so that you can hardly see the side of your car in that direction. Now you have to adjust the side mirror of passengerís side by placing your head near the middle of the car so that you may hardly see the passengerís side of your car in it. The inside mirror of a car or any other vehicle is the primary mirror through which driver can primarily view the vehicle coming behind his vehicle. The vehicle can be visible into your side mirrors only at later stage. You will have to practice for some time to be expert in using side mirrors for avoiding clashes during change of lanes or merging into traffic. You can check the BGE settings of your blind spot mirrors by viewing a passing car in the adjoining lane through them. It should be visible in your side mirror before it leaves the inside mirror of your car. And it should also be in your peripheral view before leaving the side mirror of your car.

You can use BGE settings your blind spot mirrors in the vehicles that have one inside mirror and two outside mirrors. If the vision through rearview mirror inside the vehicle is blocked then you may not use BGE setting. You should be careful while spotting the blindspots as most of the drivers are not familiar to BGE settings.

Thus you can easily avoid clashes by adjusting your blind spot mirrors in BGE setting to eliminate the blindspots while changing lanes or merging into traffic. 

Rene Date 2/4/2014
Great article, I will use all of these techniques next time I am driving.
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