About us

Patented Mirror Technology

Maxi View Blind Spot Mirror was subjected to 20 years of rigorous research and development before being patented. In 1997 we began manufacturing and distribution; and for ten years we toured car shows and county fairs with our road show to find out what drivers really wanted and needed. Talk to the inventor of the product.

Gold Star Customer Service & Blind Spot Mirror Experts

Along with our goal to offer the very best money can buy, at any price, we are passionate about providing the absolute best customer service possible.

Your phone calls will never be connected to a rude or uninformed call center that represents too many products to give YOU good service.

If you call or e-mail us, you will always interact with a Maxi View Blind Spot Mirror expert. Talk to the inventor of the product.

Everyday Shipping

We have only one product, and we ship every business day. We don’t ask you to wait six to eight weeks for delivery. You only pay the real costs for shipping.

No Handling Fees

We would never require you to pay outrageous shipping fees, and we never charge for handling.

No extra fee for rush processing

We don’t ask you to pay extra for rush processing. We give every order rush processing free.

Shipping Not a Profit Center

No hidden charges, no outrageous shipping charges. Shipping fees are never an income source for Auto Safety Solutions, Inc., as with other companies that copy the Maxi View Blind Spot Mirror, using similar names to sound like us, but is an inferior product, and selling at a low-ball “come-on” price which is less than the actual cost of making a quality ; they then make their profits on outrageous shipping fees. We think they are despicable. Their customers end up paying more for the product and receiving a lesser quality .

Worlds Best Guarantee – Double Your Money Back

We still have the worlds best guarantee!

If you can find a better mirror (stick on type) for less money we’ll give you double your money back!

1 Year Warranty

Only Maxi View Blind Spot Mirror has superior construction that enables us to offer you a 1 Year Warranty.

Full Focus Capability

Only Maxi View Blind Spot Mirror has true full-focus capability. With our 360°, fully adjustable ball and swivel, Maxi View Blind Spot Mirror has more side-to-side and lateral adjustability than any other stick-on mirror in the world, resulting in total side vision, while looking straight ahead, for every driver, regardless of height.

360°, Fully Adjustable Ball And Swivel

Only Maxi View Blind Spot Mirror has a 360°, fully adjustable ball and swivel with more side to side and lateral adjustability than any other stick on mirror in the world.

This results in total side vision while looking straight ahead for every driver, of any height.

Realistic View, 3x Larger

Only Maxi View Blind Spot Mirror gives you a realistic view, three times larger than any other . Only Maxi View Blind Spot Mirror will never block your rear vision when placed properly.

Super Strength All Weather Bonding Strip

Only Maxi View Blind Spot Mirror has a truly super-strength all-weather bonding strip. This highly advanced adhesive is now used in surgery instead of stitches.

Easy Removal

The bonding strip is permanent, but can easily be removed with the proper tool.

Exclusive Night Vision

Only Maxi View Blind Spot Mirror has our exclusive night-vision feature and is 100% glare-proof.

How can we say Maxi View Blind Spot Mirror is “The World’s Best”? Besides the above facts, we have hundreds of glowing written testimonials. We challenge any other aftermarket auto-safety product to supply even one or two testimonials. We also have tens of thousands of happy customers who have given us their names and addresses in anticipation of our new, upcoming inventions. If all that is not enough to convince you, the 1959 inventor of the original round blind-spot stick on mirror and Mr. Robert Hammerscan, who invented the former world’s best blind spot mirror, have declared Maxi View Blind Spot Mirror to be The World’s Best !

Rip Off Notice

Beware of copycat mirrors made in China.

They are sold at low-ball (below cost) prices with a bunch of extra giveaways with add-ons. For example, they say standard shipping is 5 or 6 weeks and let you pay an extra $3.95 for preferred handling. It still takes about 4 weeks to get them, even if you pay extra. When you finally get them (that’s when you see the shipping fees), sit down! You just won’t believe the triple handling fees! You end up paying much more for an inferior product.

Then, when you install them on your car’s factory mirrors, you realize that the poor design takes up twice as much space as your factory mirror as the Maxi View Mirror. So now you want to return the mirror, but you must forfeit all the extra shipping fees.

All that is just the beginning.

Their real money is made by selling your name and personal information over, and over, and over!

Remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it is!

We never sell or other wise provide our list of customers and their information to other companies or list brokers – thats a promise!

Beware of copycat mirrors that are made of glass and may cause electric car mirrors or motorcycle mirrors to vibrate from excessive weight. Only Maxi View Blind Spot Mirror is made of ultra-light chrome-plated nylon.

Beware Of The Chinese Knock Off

They may claim to be 360 degree adjustable just like Maxi View Mirrors.  However, they are not 360 degree adjustable when installed.  Don’t be fooled.