Item 1 -  1 Pair Maxiview Mirrors
Item 1 -  1 Pair Maxiview Mirrors

Item 1 - 1 Pair Maxiview Mirrors

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Made in USA, HD Metal Lense 360° Blind Spot Mirror by MaxiView, 2-Pack
GENUINE, US PATENTED PRODUCT. When it comes to your safety (especially at highway speeds!), don’t settle for similar looking knock-offs. Invest in MaxiView and keep yourself, your family and those around you safer. It’s the ultimate peace of mind.

SEE BLIND SPOTS LIKE NEVER BEFORE. A large, distortion-free image helps you change lanes with confidence and avoid life-changing accidents. Enjoy 3X more viewing than with other convex mirrors.

NEVER WORRY ABOUT MIRRORS FALLING OFF. Each mirror comes complete with super strong all-weather bonding strips that keep them firmly in place. It takes seconds to install, but makes life safer forever.

MORE SIDE TO SIDE AND LATERAL ADJUSTABILITY. Do you share a car? No problem. Unlike other mirrors, Maxiview has a 360° fully adjustable ball that swivels, giving you 3X more adaptability. With that flexibility you can quickly find the angle that’s just perfect for you.

With over 1 million sold, we specialize in your happiness and safety. Whether it’s ordering, installation, or getting the most out of your mirrors, we’re here to help.

There is one car wash that we at Maxiview Mirrors recommend to avoid. That is the Automatic Car Wash that has long, thin brushes that hang all the way to the ground.

These brushes have been known to wrap around your antenna and break it off. They can also wrap around  your side mirror and even pull off your Maxiview.

Using this type of car wash will void the Maxiview Warrantee.

NOTE - It may help to fold your side mirrors against the window.